Flight with hot air balloon

An exceptional service is the flight of a balloon

A flying balloon is an indescribable beauty and memorable moments between the earth and the sky! www.skriskimekartu.lt For guests arriving we can offer a variety of entertainments: flying a balloon, playing outdoor tennis, exploring biking and walking, kayaking. Various special treatments are available at nearby spa.

Additional services

Early / late departures, transport services, gift vouchers, guided tours in and around Birstonas, reservation and delivery of flowers, washing and ironing of clothes, horseback riding, welcome with animals.

Organization of conferences

We organize conferences, seminars, trainings at the Birštonas Cultural Center. The Birstonas Culture Center has two conference halls, which can accommodate between 20 and 70 people. Nearby are hotels / guest houses for guests to stay. Comfortable approach. Parking lot. A pleasant, cozy environment for conference attendees and guests is created. Technical equipment rental, preparation and maintenance during the event. We arrange coffee breaks for lunch.

Banquet hall cafe

We organize banquets, receptions, children's holidays, birthdays, company anniversaries, new year events and other holiday catering services. Each of your celebrations is unique and unique for you, so for each party we create a separate menu according to the theme of the holiday, budget, number of participants and other wishes.

Villas Book for group

The farmstead "Panemunio sodyba" is suitable for both a relaxed family vacation and a celebration of yours or your friends. All homes have large rooms with a fireplace, where you can sit down all your company, where you will have great evenings www.panemuniosodyba.lt

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